Sadness. It surrounds our thoughts and emotions. We want to the believe this emotion doesn't exist, let alone affect us. But it's always there. It watches from the rafters, and it pulls us elsewhere – not exactly down, and not upwards either. Sadness is a cat, and we are mice. And happiness is the mousetrap.

Happiness is the delusion of perfection. What we truly seek is balance. Balance keeps your ice cream cone from falling apart again. It cannot remove the scrape from your knee, but it can give you a bandage. A kiss goodnight will not scare away any monsters, and still your bed will become safe for sleeping. You will have learned nothing, because you have plenty of wisdom already.

Let yourself grow taller. Plants need water and sunlight, but you are not a plant. Only fools set limits; the wise use guidelines. Run down the trail, even as you stay on the path. When the road splits, go left. Or right, it makes no difference. Momentum is a precious thing, and choices are all too common.