URIs don't change: people change them. That's what Tim Berners-Lee says, either way. I was reading his article "Cool URIs don't change", and I started thinking about my own website. I recently implemented a micro blog, and it's possible that I will want more kinds of posts in the future.

That's the answer, I realized! They're all posts, each with a different category. I decided to construct these categories using the Indieweb's concept of a post type. I just need a blog and a micro blog (indieweb: articles and notes), and I should have room for other posts like photos and book reviews.

So, I changed my URL structure. Static pages, such as contact and now, stay the same. If it's a post, it'll be under /p/{title}/. Lastly, each post had a category page like /blog/. Under this new system, that'll be /c/{category}/.

Okay, that's a wrap on this article. Oh, one more thing. I set up redirects for my old posts. That's all. Thanks for reading!