“Silence is Golden”, they say. They're right, of course. Silence is the key to every problem, as well as to every proposed solution. Arguing won't solve problems; not directly, anyhow. So what will? Listen, you say. And you yell, a long, painful moan. I sit, and you scream. I listen while you lament. It's a powerful dynamic, this. I learn your hardships, and you- well, I don't know what you do, but it's dramatic. You shout, and I sympathize. You accuse, and I admit. Is it my turn yet?

Finally, you come to the end of your conversation. A question burns in my belly, though I dare not ask it. You leave, and take with you a bundle of anger. I leave too, adding yours to my collection. May I talk now? No, not yet. You see, to talk I need a listener. My door is open; you may vent any time you please. Perhaps, one day, you will open yours.