Garden Guide

Garden Guide

This page is adapted from and inspired by Shawn Wang's "Digital Garden Terms of Service"

Welcome! You are now browsing a Digital Garden. This is my personal space for learning In public. I am a lifelong learner, so everything here is a Work-In-Progress (like me), and I do not let perfectionism get in the way. Nothing here is authoritative or complete, nor is it representative of my best work.

However, it is representative of my interests, and the current state of my knowledge. If you have the same interests, then this space is also yours to use as a reference. Feedback and social sharing is welcome - that is the whole point of being public!

#Right to Be Wrong

I have a right to be wrong or incomplete in my Digital Garden, either due to lack of time or knowledge. You will not hold this, or my readership, against me because I will keep learning, with your help. Everything in the Digital Garden is a living document and I will retract or rephrase things I no longer agree with.

#Constructive Criticism

You are expressly welcome to comment on, tear apart, counter-argue, or otherwise disagree with anything here. No compliments needed. I will listen to you but I don't promise to agree with you.

Please also suggest what else I should include, read, watch, or listen to, or tell me what you would have written instead. Better yet, write a better version of what I did and publish it on your own garden. I'd love to read it.

#Attribute, don't Plagiarize

Please don't plagiarize. You're welcome to quote, with attribution and a link back here. I don't waive copyright for commercial purposes. But feel free to share ideas and riff off of them.

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