This page was inspired by Eric Bailey, who has something similar on his site.

This site began in early 2018, and the design has changed a lot over the years. The 2nd and 3rd iterations are on GitHub Pages, just in case someone wants to see them. The current version was originally conceived in December of 2019, and implemented slowly over the following months.

I used Figma to design the site. Figma is a web app, so you can open your files on any computer (including Linux). Plus, their free tier is perfect for my needs. You can view the design here.

I decided on a minimalist design. I chose the Inter font, and a Minor Third type-scale. I don't know much about typography, and type-scales seem professional. The accent color is always some variation of winter green.

In early 2020, I switched from Jekyll to 11ty, because [11ty] uses JavaScript plugins. I examined a few free hosting services, and Netlify seemed the most powerful.